Kokjohn To Greer: Is There A Doctor In The House?

The Gloves Are Off? by Guest Blogger, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn Kickstarting an exopolitical “documentary” where secret doctors in an unnamed lab test a potential alien corpse without even wearing gloves, brought to you by a man who claims to have thwarted the assassination attempt of a secret government/military cabal? BAD IDEA. Dr. Steven Greer and … Continue reading

Sense vs. Senselessness

Sense vs. Senselessness by Guest Blogger, Dr. Tyler Kokjohn   The Connecticut state medical examiner has requested that the remains of a mass murderer undergo comprehensive genetic analysis. In principle, seeking all available clues to the root causes underlying horrific events such as the recent school shootings are justified and important. However, the way in … Continue reading

Cheese Muffins: A Recipe; A Tragedy

Cheese Muffins: A Recipe; A Tragedy by guest blogger, Jeanette Esau Mmm, Government Cheese Muffins! BAD IDEA. Imagine that you are a 21-year-old woman, living in a crappy suburban apartment with a loser boyfriend. Now imagine that you are home alone on a Saturday afternoon and are feeling a little peckish. Or even really hungry … Continue reading

Obama Breaks New Year’s Resolution Faster Than Fat Kid On Diet

Winning the White House in November on the issue of raising taxes on the 1% only to tax the 99% in January? BAD IDEA. Today. Right now. While you’re watching news cycle after news cycle cover gun control and Lance Armstrong’s Oprah interview, something slipped by. Something you will feel in your very next paycheck. … Continue reading

Metatron, Not Megatron!

He slices. He dices. He doesn’t work for a living, does he? Jeff Peckman – BAD IDEA. Before he ran for Mayor of Denver, Colorado…. Before he began the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission… Before he went on Letterman and promised the world that Stan Romanek’s puppet in a window would turn out to be a living, breathing … Continue reading

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fabio

Staring over a balcony at menopausal women who feel your healing energy wafting through their leathery bodies in waves? BAD IDEA. Of all the oddball creatures New Agers have given us over the years, perhaps none stand out more than Braco the gazing healer. What’s his gig and why am I so jealous? Same question, … Continue reading

IIG West or IIG Waste?

Overstating the obvious? BAD IDEA. IIG West is a skeptical organization that produced an exceedingly thorough report on the nonsense of  Billy Meier, a one-armed Swiss farmer with a camera and lots of time. Billy was fringe-famous decades ago but his UFO art he claims is real is still used today in practically every UFO doc … Continue reading

G-G-Get Your Ass Off Mars!

Claiming the United States government has been sending you to Mars since you were seven years old? BAD IDEA. Meet Andrew Basiago. He’s just like you and me. Except a loon. Although I suppose one of us could be loons, too. But not like this. See, unlike you and me Andrew has made a name … Continue reading