Kokjohn To Greer: Is There A Doctor In The House?

The Gloves Are Off?

by Guest Blogger,

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

"You must be at least this tall to ride me."

“You must be at least this tall to ride the Greer Gravy Train.”

Kickstarting an exopolitical “documentary” where secret doctors in an unnamed lab test a potential alien corpse without even wearing gloves, brought to you by a man who claims to have thwarted the assassination attempt of a secret government/military cabal? BAD IDEA.

Dr. Steven Greer and a team of top researchers are conducting an investigation of a possible deceased alien entity. Details regarding the provenance of the remains and circumstances surrounding the death of the purported once-living being are sketchy, but may be clarified in a soon-to-be-released documentary. A video progress report has been posted on YouTube (Sirius Documentary Update #5 Into Post Production.) Please have a look at the video.

The putative alien being is not the only strange thing featured in the video; the actions of the researchers are utterly inexplicable. As the entity was placed on the examination table for X-ray perhaps you noticed that not everyone handling it was wearing gloves. Furthermore, the team did not employ much in the way of barrier devices at all, things like gloves, face masks, surgical gowns, etc. Contrast this operation with how your dental hygienist is attired as he/she cleans your teeth.

But that thing, whatever it is, is not living. What’s the harm? First, from a scientific perspective, by handling the entity without gloves and proper equipment you complicate your investigation. Grabbing the thing with ungloved hands contaminates it with the oils, cells and other items on your hands, including bacteria and microbes. That simple error may lead to interesting problems for experiments intended to demonstrate whether or not this object is alien to our biosphere – only the prime motivation and objective for the entire study, that’s all. Seeing only a few seconds of how the investigators manipulated the entity, I can predict that biochemical analyses are almost guaranteed to show large amounts of keratin, amazingly just like what we have in our own hair and skin. Now is that direct biochemical evidence of shared origins, some sort of weird convergent evolution or simply gross contamination arising from the investigator being sloppy? An analysis nightmare for anyone who fails to examine specimens under controlled conditions or properly preserving and storing them.

OK, following sloppy protocols destined to contaminate the entity with the skin, hair and microbial flora of investigators is one problem, but there are even more issues. Let me remind you that the thing appears to be dead. Assuming it was once alive leads naturally to questions about how and why it expired. What if this little guy was out there busily mutilating cattle and got infected with anthrax? Maybe when their work was finished the investigators had the presence of mind to wash their hands before going to lunch. Maybe not.

The possibility of acquiring a potentially deadly disease like anthrax demands using precautions to guard against investigator infection or equipment contamination. Think back to the video and recall how they handled the entity. How would you like to be the next patient on the table after whatever that was and whatever else that was on it had been there first? Perhaps when their examinations were completed the investigators scrupulously scrubbed and decontaminated the entire area and all equipment. Off camera, of course. Hope they placed the gloves and cleaning supplies in approved biohazard containers and disposed of everything using appropriate procedures.

Now let’s go back and ponder this situation just a bit more. Acquiring an infection because the investigators failed to follow even common sense, standard precautions to protect themselves would be profoundly stupid. But it could actually get far worse. If that entity is not of this earth, what happens if it harbors a unique microbial flora? Humans carry a veritable army of bacteria, some beneficial, some potentially dangerous, in and on us. Maybe this entity is similar. However, whatever microbes it does contain will be different than those to which we have been exposed to on Earth. They could be harmless, but the new (to us) organisms could also turn out to be deadly since our immune systems may have no ability to recognize and control them. Unfortunately, these dudes have done the critical experiment to discover if any really bad microbes are present. A bad idea that I hope has turned out well for them – and us.

The idea of novel pathogens introduced by foreign invaders and devastating native populations is no far-fetched theory. It’s called human history. Think what happened when the indigenous peoples of the New World and Polynesia first encountered Westerners. They were decimated by the pathogens traveling with the explorers, conquerors and settlers. Diseases like smallpox and yellow fever literally changed human history by helping Cortez defeat Montezuma and providing an impetus to use slave labor in the colonies. The devastation followed contact between beings spawned on the same home planet who had a period of separation. What may transpire should we ever encounter truly alien creatures with a completely distinct evolutionary history bringing with them a shadow army of utterly novel microbes?

When scientists study an unknown entity they will take precautions to avoid contamination and disease transmission. If you are old enough to remember the first manned lunar landing missions, you may recall that on return to Earth, the astronauts were put in quarantine. Despite overwhelming scientific opinion that it was virtually impossible anything pathogenic to humans would be on the Moon, a quarantine was imposed. The responsible thing to do was to assume nothing and act according to the precautionary principle. In fact, NASA today extends efforts to avoid contamination far beyond our home planet. Probes dispatched on interplanetary exploration missions are assembled under conditions that minimize chances for terrestrial microbes to hitch a ride. NASA has an Office of Planetary Protection (http://planetaryprotection.nasa.gov/) charged with ensuring that solar system bodies are protected from terrestrial contamination as well as safeguarding our planet from any agents that might arrive from sampling missions. Contrast these efforts with what you see presented in the Update #5 video.

Whether or not Dr. Greer is about to unveil a paradigm shattering discovery remains to be seen. When I look at how his top experts are going about their work it makes me wonder. So far, what I have seen suggests that there are certainly no world recognized authorities rating that designation on the team featured in his video update. Studying a purported alien entity using the practices shown is extremely poor science. Handling the thing the way these guys have is not just a BAD IDEA, it is JUST PLAIN STUPID.

9 Responses to “Kokjohn To Greer: Is There A Doctor In The House?”
  1. Vik says:

    LOL. You can’t even afford your own domain/website to reach the masses with your self-validated explanations based on….I don’t even know what?

  2. Seventh Son says:

    Will the masses ever get bored of little green men stories?

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  4. What’s up, I check your blog like every week.
    Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!

  5. Eugene says:

    If I remember correctly , when the United States first began to send space craft out of the earth’s atmosphere, there was concern and effort made to not send foreign diseases and comtamination to space from earth.

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