Metatron, Not Megatron!

He slices. He dices. He doesn’t work for a living, does he? Jeff Peckman – BAD IDEA.

Before he ran for Mayor of Denver, Colorado…. Before he began the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission… Before he went on Letterman and promised the world that Stan Romanek’s puppet in a window would turn out to be a living, breathing E.T…. Jeff Peckman was an inventor. What did he invent besides stories out of whole-cloth? Why the Metatron Cosmic Peace Program, of course!

How much would you pay for a card that fosters internal joy and promotes the unfolding of your Divine Purpose?

What wouldn’t you give for a program that, when downloaded onto your computer, “… acts as a two-way mirror to support peace and harmony between human beings on Earth and intelligent beings not from Earth. Any negative intentions coming from any extraterrestrial intelligent beings will be transformed and reflected back to the extraterrestrial intelligent beings as love. Any negative intentions from human beings towards extraterrestrial intelligent beings will also be transformed and reflected back to the human beings as love.”

It turns out you’d pay hundreds of dollars if Peckman had his way. That’s what he was charging when it first came out. Now, I’m not so sure. See, the above quote came from his now-defunct website that promoted this wonderful invention. Actually, it says it’s under construction. It’s been under construction for a long, long time.

How can the world afford to wait? Why now, Jeff? Why… now?

I’ll tell you why now. Because wanting to take advantage of people who are dumb enough to fall for this? Okay, not a bad idea, granted. But actually going through with it? BAD IDEA.



2 Responses to “Metatron, Not Megatron!”
  1. Tyler says:

    Hard to imagine that people would plunk down hundreds of dollars for a two-way mirror program promoting peace and harmony with unknown, unseen and undetected aliens. But then again we have enormous, thriving enterprises in Atlantic City and Las Vegas literally built on the hopes, dreams, aspirations and money of ‘players’ unaware how they are being played.

    It is hard to argue against a pleasant dream (and win, that is). I can already hear the objections – you only seek to discredit, all you are stating are personal opinions, how do you know the program doesn’t work if you don’t try it?

    Is it possible to save an unwary fish from this lure? Here is how this stick-in-the mud professor would approach the problem. I merely urge the prospect to pose a few questions and see what facts the seller offers in response. Who wrote the software? May I examine the source code before I buy to see how negative intentions are transformed into love? Can I use my Skype headset to input my thoughts into the program? How did this inter-world collaboration come about? Where are these intelligent beings physically located? Will other signs of their existence be apparent if I search that site? Will it work on my Mac? Could you explain to me why this all hinges on my buying some software, couldn’t they just put it in the cloud and make it available on Google Chrome? By the way, what exactly happens to me when I support intragalactic peace and harmony? Who gets the money, you or the aliens?

    Teach people to fish for answers today and maybe the free lunch will finally reach an end.

  2. Carol Fong says:

    I actually know someone who would fall for this.

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