G-G-Get Your Ass Off Mars!

Claiming the United States government has been sending you to Mars since you were seven years old? BAD IDEA.

Andrew Basiago

Meet Andrew Basiago. He’s just like you and me. Except a loon. Although I suppose one of us could be loons, too. But not like this. See, unlike you and me Andrew has made a name for himself by claiming to have visited Mars on our hard-earned tax dollars. How did he do it? Who cares! He didn’t! Wake up! The real question is, How is this guy being taken seriously enough to draw a crowd?

I asked that… mmm… in so many words on his Facebook page. He immediately banned me and emailed me privately. I’m flattered to have caught the eye of such an esteemed explorer of the galaxy and time traveller and whatever else happened, no doubt involving a unicorn. Here’s what happened next….

Andrew D. Basiago
Jeremy, My accounts of having served in DARPA’s Project Pegasus and the CIA’s jump room program are true. Your comment, coming on the heels of an historic set of disclosures about the jump room program by the Assistant to the President, motivates me to remind you that there will always be greater and lesser people than yourself and those whose life experience is beyond the scope of your own in some way or another. I would urge you to do some work in the self esteem department. Cordially, Andy

Apparently Andrew missed a few essential words, so he jumped back through time to send me the same email cleverly disguised as a new one. 

Andrew D. Basiago
Jeremy, My accounts of having served in DARPA’s Project Pegasus and the CIA’s jump room program are true. Your comment, coming on the heels of an historic set of disclosures about the jump room program by the Assistant to the President who investigated the jump room program, motivates me to remind you that there will always be greater and lesser people than yourself and those whose life experience is beyond the scope of your own in some way or another. I would urge you to do some work in the self esteem department. Cordially, Andy
April 30, 2012

Jeremy Vaeni
Andrew: At best you are lying. At worst, delusional. Send my regards to your family. They probably miss the person they thought they knew.
April 30, 2012

Andrew D. Basiago
Jeremy, If it makes you feel psychologically safer to deny my true life experience, then go ahead, so be it. But, the truth is, I’m telling the truth and you’re being obnoxious. BTW, I see you standing with Dr. Michio Kaku. I think before you make your harsh conclusions, you should hear my Michio Kaku story. Andy

Jeremy Vaeni
Mmm… think I’ll pass. But good morning, Sunshine.

The Author with Michio Kaku

The Author with Michio Kaku

Andrew D. Basiago
Ah, the resistance to new information of the conservative ideologue! Apt name, that para-topia! Not a Utopia, not even a Trutopia, but half a place.

Jeremy Vaeni
Gee, for a guy who traverses the Everywhenosphere (no, you can’t steal that) you sure are easily offended. I can see why they kicked you out of the program. Too hotheaded to protect Lincoln or bridge cultural gaps with Martians.

Folks like you are the reason so few take ufology seriously. You damage the field and for what? Ego gratification? Do you think you’ll get a movie deal at the end of your run? What? What is it you get out of this? Just the spotlight?

Andrew D. Basiago
Jeremy, You have a pattern of making things up and also of denying data. First, I don’t “traverse” much of anything these days except Washington State. I was in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (officially) from 1969 to 1972 and in the CIA’s jump room program from 1980 to 1983. Second, I wasn’t kicked out of the program. Where did you get that? What happened is that the children in my group were simply cycled out of the program. I wasn’t individually dismissed. In fact, I went as far as any child in Project Pegasus and then was called back to serve in the jump room program almost 10 years later. So, get your facts straight. Third, you started this dispute by posting a sarcastic put down of me on my profile page that was based on nothing but your own snarky denial of the truth of my life experience, which you have no basis to evaluate. So, take responsibility for your actions, even if doing so is outside the peer personality of your cohort. Try to show respect for older members of society more accomplished than you. I certainly did when I was your age. Fourth, I am not part of Ufology. I am a whistle blower disclosing my personal involvement with two phases of the US time-space program. That’s it. I have even been deleting UFO-related material from my MARS group on Facebook. So don’t lump me in with the propeller heads. Lastly, what motivates me is a passion to share with others the truth of my involvement in historic undertakings by the US government that were kept secret but that should now see the light of day. IMHO, you need to reconsider your beliefs. Your biases are affecting your perceptions. I say that because your final rhetorical comment to me — “Folks like you are the reason so few take ufology seriously. You damage the field and for what? Ego gratification? Do you think you’ll get a movie deal at the end of your run? What? What is it you get out of this? Just the spotlight?” — is so misdescriptive of my performance in the public realm that it can only be described as absolutely shallow. Andy

Jeremy Vaeni
I was joking about the getting kicked out thing. Clearly I know you didn’t get kicked out because the program doesn’t exist.

Just let me behind the curtain, will you? Is Alfred Webre nuts or a disinfo agent? Or both?

Seriously, if you believe a word coming out of your mouth, get help. Or better yet–provide evidence. And don’t tell me about some mythical disclosure dates that will inevitably come and go like all disclosure dates do. Where’s any tangible evidence that you–never mind, I can’t believe I’m getting sucked into this. Do you have parents? Is there anyone I may call for you? Someone who can take you in?
Be well, stranger.

Andrew D. Basiago
The program existed. What doesn’t exist is your basis to say otherwise. Just because you’re a bright guy doesn’t qualify you to dismiss something that actually existed.

Alfred is one of the luminaries of his generation and has been involved in many of the major progressive causes of our time. What do you have to recommend yourself except cheap sarcasm?

I have provided direct evidence of hundreds of facts that would be admissible in any court in the US.

I am 50 years old so your comments pertaining to my parents are not germane.

Look, the basic issue here is that you don’t believe my claims. You have a right to frame your world view as you see fit, but I also have a duty to share with others my true experiences.

In any case, no hard feelings.




As you can see, crazy people are not fond of paragraph breaks. But what if I’m wrong? What if he really was part of a top secret program or two? Wouldn’t other whistleblowers have stepped forward by now to back him up before the government “disappeared” him or gave him cancer like they did to Steven Greer that one time?

Laura Eisenhower

Holy craperel! Someone did! In fact, none other than Laura Eisenhower–a trusted source if ever there was one! Her claim to fame is that she’s the great granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. I don’t know if anyone has confirmed her lineage but either way Dwight is rolling in his grave.

NARCAP‘s own Ted Roe recently asked her if she had any evidence to back up her claims. This is what went down….


I was following up on her claim of being part of the Andrew Basiago “Mars Teleportation” story. Of course, Alfred Lambrebmont Webre has been riding this story as well.

When I first asked her to provide the independent validation she claimed to have she told me that she didn’t have time for “people like you [me]”, it was too “tedious” and blocked me. Then she figured out who I am, unblocked me, and wrote a long missive about……?

Ted Roe
Yes, I know debate is tedious, far easier to just block people out that dare to challenge you….

You think I haven’t seen UFO? Why do you think I am in this field… But I know better than to push my beliefs into the field when there is no proof….

You can channel all you want, hold a flashlight under your chin and tell all the spooky stories you care to but you aren’t telling us anything we can trust.

Where are your facts? Where are your references? You just fall back on your namesake and claim whatever.

Meanwhile the reality of the situation marches forward and you have no, as in zero, proof to back up your concerns… I would think that if you really had evidence of this sort of thing… Evidence that would at least meet a journalistic standard if not a scientific one, a logical standard that makes sense… you would not bury your head and hide when someone in your own field, me, challenges you…

So hide and deny all you want to, abuse me but hide my responses…
It all speaks to your lack of character which does nothing to support your claims….

You can build castles in the air and move in but I am not moving in with you…

November 6, 2011

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
no – it is just a waste of time for me because all of your points do not apply to me. I don’t channel either – so there again, it is draining to even talk. Where are my facts? Where are my references? I have them in emails and numerous exchanges that I saved and I have witnesses that saw what I went through and I don’t fall back on my name at all- where does that get me and what is there to even fall back on. Again – you make projections and assumptions… Go ahead and keep your mouth shut then and tell everyone that there story just isnt enough while you sit there and watch this world go to shit! There is plenty of evidence and I know many many therapists who work with contactees and abductees… People have chips they are getting removed and whistleblowers have far more proof and evidence than you and your little UFO story…

I work with people that have been in projects and there is evidence – Ron for example has more than he knows what to do with, but they are giving him a hard time disclosing it. Have you ever listened to the Area 51 whistleblowers who not only have evidence- but the expertise to discuss this in great detail. Your lack of character makes me not want to friend you. I am on Coast to Coast this Thursday and have numerous conferences and I am respected in my field – not insulted and belittled and told my stories are just stories… that is what you do… you have no respect – so therefore, you are not a friend. If you were you would respectfully inquire about my story – just like a good journalist and then i could provide you with the info. But you come off with your arrogant assumptions and then this ridiculous note… ummmm – why would i want you in a castle with me – you don’t even believe it exists and you just sit on your ass doubting and dismissing truths that need to be heard… its pathetic and it isn’t helping anyone.

Ted Roe
You don’t know anything about me… did you look up my reference? No….

As for respect, if you are worthy you will get it… I have no respect for beliefs masquerading as facts.. I want the solid evidence… not “he said” or ” I saw”…. show me the independent, verifiable facts.

I have seen UFOs and I am in this study because of it… but I know the difference between seeing them and proving I saw them….

You don’t have time for the facts. You don’t have time for the proper path to firmly establish the truth from fiction.

You are threatened by any question of your sources or your credibility even though its the simplest and fasted way to prove you point. Show us where your facts come from and we can determine for ourselves what the truth is… But you can’t afford that so you duck the request and attack the person who is asking… and block them off your list because you don’t want anyone to think you are even slightly questionable though you are in every way…

I do conferences too. Just because you are on a podium doesn’t mean you should be and and it doesn’t mean you are right or respected…. Your “field” is what, exactly? Obviously not research. You don’t have time for it… story telling?

I have signed official research agreements with official gov research teams…. I have some of the most respect researchers in the world on my staff, like Jacques Vallee…

We have published papers and documents, done work for the US government, briefed politicians, etc…..

You have told rooms full of people your opinions and offered absolutely no proof at all.

And you think it helps to try to get people to believe as you do while you vilify those who dare to ask you where you facts are…block anyone who challenges because you don’t want anyone to see you being confronted…… .

Anytime you want to offer facts vs fantasy, I am interested but I know the difference and apparently you don’t….

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
I was recruited to Mars in 2006 – did you read the articles that were written or heard any of the interviews? I could show you, but I don’t care to talk to you. A documentary is coming out that shares some of the evidence. i did not vilify you – I just find you intense, overbearing, overassuming and rude and you dont make it comfortable to talk or discuss in a peaceful way… so therefore i don’t care who you are – you don’t have the heart or wisdom to communicate in a way that inspires or makes it a joy. I dont need your approval – what i went through was beyond intense – i broke free of a very sophisticated recruitment and I can gather all the proof you want – many articles by skeptics who found the proof have come out. I am so depressed to be in this world today and you make it worse… Done work for the US government – great, so did my family members… you insult me for using a name to fall back on and want me to respect you for your crudentials… i was raised in a presidential family and this family connects with a lot connected to ET’s and you seem to have little respect for me, my experiences and my research. I have done a lot of research. I blocked you because I have been blocking people right and left lately. You dont listen – i shared in my last message a lot of my research and then you write me and say that i do not research? I would offer you all this info – but your tone and treatment of me I find is not a vibration i can deal with right now. The evidence and proof is there – I will share it publicly more and more… you clearly have not seen all that has been shared cuz there are witnesses and proof in the emails and even the recruiters are in emails – they are part of the Aviary. My kids are witnesses too. I don;t have time to lie or to make up stories – for what? i dont get paid, i can hardly pay rent.

I have provided proof to those who seek it, who feel like a good person to know and who aren’t insulting to me… I apologize if i have jumped the gun on blocking you – I would add you back, but I just was feeling so overwhelmed and angry today and it is not that i did not want to be challenged or that i have anything to hide- my heart is just broken for the folks I know have gone through this. I have counseled many of them. I dont’ even care about my story. I am a public speaker not for me and for fame or for people to be really into me and my fucking factual story that I can easily prove- but because i want the secrecy and abuses and mistreatment of Gaia to end and I was born into this family for a reason. Since i was a kid i have known my mission and have written a book about it all. I would love to check out more of your work… i just felt bombarded by your thoughts in the moment and was shocked you feel there is no sufficient proof. I started to explain how many credible sources there were and about my story and you belittled it and did not sound open or interested in finding out more in a kind way and i reacted….

Just having a hard time lately.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
how can you even say i have offered no proof, when the proof was shared by people who researched me to see if i was lying and verified that I was NOT lying… I stayed on EArth and didn’t go to Mars, to help humanity – go ahead and spit on me… I have been analyzed by all kinds of people including psychics and hypno-regression sessions and voice print technologies to see what I am all about and it all comes up with very high scores… I have researched for years and am also an experiencer… WE are all entitled to share our stories, our truth, our experience and research and if you think i am full of shit- then I wish you a lot of luck in your pursuit of whatever it is you are looking for.

Ted Roe
Funny how all I ask for is something factual and I get anything but…. you, Webre, Basiago… the minute I actually ask for something solid I get confrontations, derision, accused of being a “hostile debunker under Grey Reptilain mind control…” whatever that is… [EDITOR’S NOTE: Ted is referring to a correspondence with Alfrd Webre.]

I am a researcher and the executive director of a scientific research team for the last 12years….

If you have proof, if anyone has proof of your story, please provide the references. Its all I asked for….

You can take it personal, if you like, but the development of facts is done in the open, transparently. I should be able to ask anyone making a claim where the facts are and get a polite and direct answer that I can go and check for myself.

You haven’t offered my anything but your upset….

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
okay – it would be easier to get together and show you… who has said you are under Grey reptilian mind-control? again, you are accusing me of this and that and expect an instant portfolio of proof. I have created documentaries and have witnesses testimony in my articles. Why don’t you just not believe in what we say and just dismiss it… your intuition and research clearly isn’t leading you in this direction, so maybe it just isn’t for you. Go spread the word that we are liars if that empowers you – i dont care. I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me, I just live in truth cuz that is the only way i can have peace… any less and I have no integrity and those things actually count in my life. Go find it all yourself – it is out there. I can give you names you can check with – Gary Bekkum, Dan Smith for starters… I have offered you info about what will be shared in the future. You want me to pour all this energy your way to convince you of something and honestly I dont care if you doubt me – but i can send some stuff your way over time… right now, i am waiting for the documentary which should satisfy you a little bit and then my friend who witnessed it all wrote her testimonies. I have email exchanges discussing the Mars recruitment but they are amongst many other personal words and exhanges, as this person was my ex-fiance and much of it is personal. I shared it with those i trust and who actually care about me and know me. If i copied and pasted – you wouldn’t believe me. You would more than likely doubt me with tons of proof. Gary is on FB – just message him… he knows the folks that recruited me and published a few articles explaining what evidence he has. Many researchers have no proof – experiencers and whistleblowers tend to always have something, but there is Cointelpro. Researchers still share – to just get people thinking… and i respect that. Sometimes people just share philosophies and opinions… i do all 3, all of it… i say there are always grey areas in what we share – its hard for any of us to be 100 percent right, so i always encourage people to do their own research and to find their inner truth … listening too much to others can be dangerous… but it is important to have an open mind… many people go through stuff that needs to be heard… I know stuff i don’t care to share that puts me in danger – i do it cuz i feel i have to.

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
many researchers do have proof though and Gary Bekkum is one of them and he knows my story. More than likely you will doubt the proof that i have and that is okay. If i die and no one believes me, the truth doesn’t die with it. the truth doesn’t need believers – it just is!!!

again – i am sorry i blocked you… i was reactive, but i did not vilify you. I had some serious issues with some people this week and it heightened my sensitivities to feeling the need to block.
November 12, 2011

Ted Roe
I didn’t accuse you of saying that I am under Grey Reptilian mind control, you could reread my message and find out who said it… as for Proof, your word is not proof. Independently varifieble information is proof. What you have is a story. An anecdote that you can’t prove.


If nothing else, Laura, like Andrew, is a fan of the extended paragraph. That much we have learned. Not a lot about Mars, though. Or time travel. Except I wish I could travel back through time and take this whole argument back because arguing with nonsense peddlers? That’s a BAD IDEA.

2 Responses to “G-G-Get Your Ass Off Mars!”
  1. Brilliant light needs to be used like this when the fog of stories is so thick. Thanks.

  2. the breeze says:

    US experimenting with time and space manipulation is old news! The Soviets, China, Europe, they’re all doing it. But they will never publicly disclose it or its progress/achievements so far, instead they seem to be brainwashing the ‘possibility of all things unlikely in society’ out of our heads or trying to.

    Only problem. Cant prove anything without evidence. So we have a society that is ‘unlikely’ but evidently following the early stages of past tyrannical societal takeovers around the world; and a group of split civilians, lost without evidence to unite them. Split into a faction of people who realise the world is currently being shat on by some super rich asshole families, and a faction of skeptics that believes in nothing improbable but yet believes in almost everything the government throws at them.

    And the government does everything these families say, as long as they get paid, including the control of evidence. Evidence must come from within, otherwise it will never come out, thats why whistleblowers are either dangerous to the gov, or government puppets involved in disinformation.

    We seem to be waiting for some incredible evidence to come into public view, a game changer to turn the tables on the corrupt governments… What if we turned the tables on them first? Its a risk but if we know the evidence is there, its possible to justify the risk with the soon-to-be-evidence. Just a thought.

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