Obama Breaks New Year’s Resolution Faster Than Fat Kid On Diet

“I’m just not a bow tie kinda guy, know what I mean?”

Winning the White House in November on the issue of raising taxes on the 1% only to tax the 99% in January? BAD IDEA.

Today. Right now. While you’re watching news cycle after news cycle cover gun control and Lance Armstrong’s Oprah interview, something slipped by. Something you will feel in your very next paycheck. That something is a 2% increase in the Social Security payroll tax from 4.2% back to its 2010 rate of 6.2%. For small business owners that averages to about $160 per week in vanished money. For their workers, upwards of $20 per week. Not per paycheck (unless you are paid weekly), per week.

The political excuse is that 6.2% should have been the going rate all along but due to, you know, every-awful-thing, the kindly fools on The Hill gave us a two-year “tax holiday.” Gee, that was nice of them. But now the vacation is over. Every-awful-thing is still the state of the economy but apparently that doesn’t matter. We’ve got to pay more. Do our part. Give our fair share. Blah, blah, blah. And so forth.

Taxes are necessary to keep this societal experiment gone awry afloat and I think most of us get that. But what we don’t get is how President Obama can win a second term on the platform of tax reform favoring the poor and “middle class” and then immediately screw us. Screwing us is inevitable, but it’s just proper etiquette to kick that can down the road a ways, not kick us in the groin in January when our hopes are high and our prospects for a better life refreshed.

Democrats will blame Republicans but Obama signed on the dotted line. Same script, different year. It’s time to flip the script, as the kids say. Here’s an idea for a revolution: let’s start taking care of the elderly ourselves and let’s start trading amongst each other. Drop the financial institutions altogether. Drop money altogether. Don’t make a big deal of it, just do it. One by one so that no one notices until finally everything collapses and it’s okay that everything collapsed because the new infrastructure is already in place.

Hey, it works for Smurfs.

Whether you like my Smurfy idea or not I think we can all agree that taxing the 99% just after winning reelection on taxing the 1% is an excruciatingly BAD IDEA.

One Response to “Obama Breaks New Year’s Resolution Faster Than Fat Kid On Diet”
  1. Well — the tie _is_ crooked and like Bill Clinton, a Republican…

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