IIG West or IIG Waste?

Overstating the obvious? BAD IDEA.

IIG West is a skeptical organization that produced an exceedingly thorough report on the nonsense of  Billy Meier, a one-armed Swiss farmer with a camera and lots of time. Billy was fringe-famous decades ago but his UFO art he claims is real is still used today in practically every UFO doc out there. That is because he used to produce fakes like these:








Beautiful, right? I want to believe. But I can’t because nothing is right about them in the way that anyone who knows how to look looks. Photo analysts such as Jeff Ritzmann not only exposed these as fakes years ago, he replicated them to the degree that replication is possible. That was before IIG West spent months and months scrutinizing every last detail to come to the same conclusion. Ritzmann replicated Meier’s work and IIG replicated Jeff’s work. Actually, that’s not fair–They didn’t replicate his work, they went far beyond it to really nail this case shut. They deconstructed the audio file Billy claimed was alien (from a ship hurling through space), the dinosaur photo (yes!), his prophesies (inevitable, right?), and lot’s more. Lot’s of hours. Lot’s of tracking down old items common in Billy’s time to glue together to replicate one of his later laughable models dubbed “the wedding cake UFO.”

All of this to finally and forever put this nonsense to bed. Was it worth it? Should we be patting investigators Derek Bartholomous and Ivan Alvarado on the back for a job well done? That’s one way of looking at it. I have another: WHAT A SUPERFLUOUS WASTE OF PRECIOUS LIFE HOURS! Take another look at that wedding cake ship. Can you spot the problem? I did. In fact, many people have long before the IIG in-depth investigation. It’s there to the left atop the hull. A pin has come unglued and is sitting there. Oh, Billy. The new stuff just ain’t the old stuff. We need the band back together, man! Know who else caught it? IIG West in their brilliant investigation! Here, they’ve zoomed in on it.

You want proof Meier is hoaxing? Don’t want to believe the eyes of professionals? Need to believe your own eyes? There it is. Undeniable proof. Case closed. We don’t need elaborate reports on what type of trash can lid was used for the base. We don’t need an analysis of metallic samples from the Pleiades or a thorough reading of Billy’s prophetic vision for our future or the maker of the toy gun he claimed was an alien death ray. All we need is this photograph. Anything more legitimizes him. It says it’s all worth a look, even if to dispose of his case. Well, it isn’t. Because this exists. I don’t know about Ivan Alvarado, but for my money Derek Bartholomous’ best work on this case came toward the end of my mockumentary, The Silent But Deadly Truthvolution of Truth. I’m not just saying that because I made it. Well… sure I am–but ignore that and realize this: for one historic moment ufologists, former promoters of the Meier case, experiencers of these phenomena, and members of a skeptical organization all got together to make a film that placed Billy Meier squarely where he always belonged: in the hallowed halls of comedy. That? That was a good idea.

Shaving months off your life to drive home the obvious? That’s a BAD IDEA.

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4 Responses to “IIG West or IIG Waste?”
  1. Leanne says:

    I personally speculate exactly why you named this specific
    post, Sliding Panel Tracks “IIG West or IIG Waste?

    | The Center For Bad Ideas”. Anyway I actually appreciated the
    post!Thanks for your effort,Britt

  2. Chuck Miller says:

    LOTS, not “lot’s.” Watch those apostrophes, man.

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