What Has The Thirty Meter Telescope Already Shown Us?

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What Has The Thirty Meter Telescope Already Shown Us? by Guest Blogger, Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D. The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), a 2 billion-dollar behemoth, will not see first light for years (1), but the effort to build it might have already illuminated something important.  It seems nothing for the proposal to…

Making Michael Jackson A Monster Is Money

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A video wherein I make the case that Leaving Neverland is not so much a documentary as a propaganda hit piece designed to make media outlets the money they “lost” when Michael Jackson was acquitted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPChVeVRdHY&lc=z22wspcbbrbey1fmmacdp4354ltjiqb0axdhbcozndxw03c010c

The Democratic Benghazi? Cracka, Please.

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Not So Fast on the UFO Warm Fuzzies

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Not So Fast on the UFO Warm Fuzzies by Guest Blogger, Ellen Tarr, Ph.D. On Feb. 19, Motherboard posted an article by Daniel Oberhaus entitled, “This Neuroscientst Wants to Know Why People Who See UFOs Feel So Good.” The interview with Dr. Bob Davis discussed recent results of the FREE (Foundation…

Hypnosis Used Illegally. This Looks Familiar.

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http://ktla.com/2017/01/18/disturbing-video-shows-attorney-apparently-trying-to-hypnotize-clients-for-sexual-pleasure/ Watching the news package in the above link about a divorce attorney who used hypnosis to sexually abuse female clients got me back to thinking about ufology’s own David Jacobs. Specifically, how he was caught on tape asking a female subject under hypnosis to send him her soiled panties and…

Won’t Be Talking Politics Again Until Tuesday’s Good Parade.

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Aloha, fellow travelers or what have you. This not-so-super Tuesday, Tim Binnall and I reunite for a special live Election Night Edition of The Good Parade. In honor of that–and to the great relief of everyone on Facebook–I will not be posting anything of a political nature until then. But then…

Is It Time To Kickstart Mrs. Steinberg’s Puckered Starfish?

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Friends, I come to you as a man of peace. In the past I have questioned Gene Steinberg’s integrity as an entity in the ufo field and as a man in… you know… life. But no more. I recognize a person in genuine need when I see one and Gene is…

Is Gene Steinberg A Fraud?

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Gene Steinberg Fraud. That’s a strong word. Defined in the Google.com search engine as “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain,” one wonders if this applies to The Paracast host Gene Steinberg, a man who has been begging his audience, his guests, his co-hosts, and his…

Paratopia Time

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If you enjoyed the Oculus Overture, that was just an appetizer. After much praise and adoration and exactly zero hate mail, curiously enough, Paratopia Oculus Episode One is here: http://www.paratopia.net Gone are the days of the episode summary. We all like surprises, right? Gifts in a bow? Each episode is exactly…

Dr (of History) David Jacobs Exposes Himself or: Defending The Indefensible

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The following is my video response to the website: http://emmawoodstherealstory.com see also: http://ufoalienabductee.com