How Not To Tell Your Mom You’ve Solved Aliens And Are God

Really, telling yer mom anything like this is a BAD IDEA.


Not so long ago, I was rummaging through old email drafts looking for something for my new book when I came across this gem. It’s an unfinished email that I had intended to send to my mother, apparently to tell her how close I was to proving the reality of alien abductions. I don’t remember if I meant all abductions or just the question of whether or not they happened to me. Either way, we will never know what that solution was because I never finished the damned email and nothing I’ve written or said about them since then has contained anything akin to proof of their reality. Perhaps I realized I was full of shit as I was writing it and just sorta trailed off into oblivion, I dunno. But it’s pretty funny.

It will make far more sense if you’ve read Urgency. or I Know Why The Aliens…

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