Tyler Kokjohn Breaks Down The Ebola Epidemic For Us


The Ebola Epidemic – Simple and Not So Simple
Tyler A. Kokjohn, Ph.D.

Some aspects of the Ebola epidemic are simple.  Hemorrhagic fevers caused by agents like the Ebola viruses are some of the deadliest infectious disease agents known and there is a substantial risk this expanding epidemic will spread across the world.  Because vaccines remain in the testing stage and there are no reliable treatment options, the outbreak will be brought under control only if and when the chain of person-to-person virus transmission is broken.  Achieving that critical goal will require substantial help from the international community.

Some issues are less clear cut, although it is still possible to get a sense of the situation.  The current outbreak began about a year ago in Africa and has already taken a terrible toll in human lives.  This is the largest Ebola virus disease epidemic ever seen and it is growing…

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