Science Catches Up With Ufology

The Unexamined Hypothesis

by Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn, Ph.D.

Paradise Lost; Gustave Dore

Paradise Lost; Gustave Dore

By the time Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity in 1915 he had already achieved acclaim for a series of ideas that revolutionized the field of physics. Despite these impressive prior accomplishments, his perspective was too radical for many to accept without direct proof the new theory explained phenomena better than Newtonian methods (1). Einstein actively facilitated testing of his theory by devising experiments and predicting the outcomes observable if his ideas were correct. In 1919, Arthur Eddington carefully measured star positions during a total eclipse and confirmed light rays passing near the sun exhibited slight gravity-induced positional changes predicted by Einstein. Over the century since Einstein published his papers, his theory has been subjected to continuous testing to firmly establish its reliable scope and possible limits. Ruthless testing of hypotheses and theories is the true hallmark of science and the scientific method. Everyone is subject to that norm, even Einstein.

How utterly different is the world of alien abduction/conspiracy research in which investigators scrupulously avoid ever actually testing their ideas. In this realm, any resemblance to science seems more an affectation to misdirect the consumer than any meaningful employment of scientific principles and methods. Scientists formulate hypotheses, confront them with experimental evidence and judge them accordingly. In contrast, investigators of alien abductions and other intelligent alien phenomena take witness accounts and build them into hypotheses of elaborate conspiracies of colonization and/or clandestine genetic modification programs. They then repeat the same process to concoct still more complex, uncorroborated stories and layer them one on top of another with each new book or lecture tour.

Unfortunately, these sham scientists forgot something; the real enterprise is competitive and judged by objective outcomes such as inventions, disease treatments and verifiable discoveries. While alien interaction conspiracy investigators have used essentially one unreliable tool (hypnotic regression) for decades, mainstream scientists actually accomplished things. In an ironic twist, an unintended consequence of recent work with misidentified human remains may finally compel the greatest progress in alien abduction/conspiracy research seen in decades.

The Atacama humanoid promoted by Dr. Steven Greer (2) offers an outstanding example of genomic sequencing technology capabilities. In a matter of only a few months time scientists were able to sequence complete mitochondrial and nuclear genomes in sufficient detail to declare with a high degree of certainty that entity was neither non-human primate nor extraterrestrial, but human. Although apparently now working diligently to swap his original, scientifically refuted myth with a new, more science-based myth, Dr. Greer inadvertently raised the bar for evidence to an unprecedented level for alien entity research. The power and potential of the new genetic analysis tools to provide answers is obvious.

For decades, hypotheses have explained alien abductions and other interactions variously as nefarious conspiracies against all humankind, genetic hybridization programs and interventions to save us from destruction. New developments in DNA sequencing technology and biotechnology now enable direct testing of claims regarding modifications to the human genome, involuntary alien initiated and terminated pregnancies, and acquisition of disease resistance. That means investigators like Dr. David Jacobs, Barbara Lamb and Dolores Cannon will at last be able to provide the hard DNA or biochemical evidence confirming that their ideas have a medical basis.

The ever-evolving and expanding claims are astonishing and anyone able to corroborate them with reliable scientific data would certainly achieve fame and fortune. The burden of proof is on them, yet the investigators exhibit little inclination to employ the analysis tools now available to clinch the conclusive evidence. Where is the objective verification for alien initiated and terminated pregnancies? Because fetal cells persist in the mother decades after pregnancy (3), this has become an experimentally approachable question for Dr. Jacobs to explore. Dolores Cannon maintains that the DNA of the ‘third wave of volunteers’ is more ‘advanced’ and we are moving toward a future where we cannot get sick. Why then do we still have outbreaks of old infectious disease foes like cholera and measles (4, 5) in children? If the DNA itself has been altered or ‘junk’ sequences are being utilized in new ways as she claims, genetic analyses could reveal the underlying changes. Barbara Lamb has announced she knows the identities of human-alien hybrids. Why not perform a simple genetic profile test on them and see whether the unequivocal assertions stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Why some investigators seem reluctant to even mention the fact that their wild ideas could be swiftly confirmed, or refuted, by direct experiment is understandable. Should hard genetic and biochemical data ever confront the ornate hypotheses so carefully elaborated over decades of time, it is absolutely clear some won’t survive the test. Let’s face it, Dr. Greer also offers a superb example of an investigator who saw his beautiful, eminently marketable hypothesis go down in flames once he allowed it to be examined scientifically.

Socrates left no writings of his own, but others such as Plato tell us he had grave concerns about the implications of a life unexamined. This bit of philosophic hear-say seems an appropriate counter to the many convoluted intelligent alien conspiracies marketed so long without any meaningful confirmatory evidence. Hypotheses left unexamined are null and void scientifically. Allowing persons to persist propagating unverified assertions when it is obvious that the scientific means to test them exists is a BAD IDEA.

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(2) Steven M. Greer. 2013. Stanford University Research: Atacama Humanoid Still a Mystery.

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(4) 2010-13 Cholera Epidemic

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4 Responses to “Science Catches Up With Ufology”
  1. GodlessPeace says:

    All scientific experimentation and theory is relative to mankind’s menial knowledge base,in a hundred years from now man will have developed new technologies that will enhance his/her knowledge and will make today’s theories seem like fairy tales .

  2. Jack Brewer says:

    Well stated, as usual, Doctor.

    “Should hard genetic and biochemical data ever confront the ornate hypotheses so carefully elaborated over decades of time, it is absolutely clear some won’t survive the test.”


  3. Just read the latest MUFON Journal: Cattle Mutilations, alleged NSA leaks about UFOs, MAJESTIC-12, and Guide to Abductions. What happened to the science?

    • jayvay says:

      My best guess is that the science caved to the cottage industry of traveling salesmen because 1.) the science yielded nothing tangible. And 2.) most, if not all, of the tantalizing military tales (and many of the documents) turned out to be disinformation and hoaxes.

      With nowhere left to turn, ufology became a live action role playing game for some; pseudo religion for others. There are still a handful of great researchers, but they tend to keep their public distance. They also tend to reside in other fields. From what I’ve seen, those holding the most important pieces of the ufological puzzle aren’t ufologists at all.

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